Special Needs Services

Serafini Transportation has been transporting physically challenged children for over 40 years.  Our commitment is to respect the value of the children we transport.  Our drivers’ and monitors’ care and concern is evident; our “cargo” consists of small lives that are unable to defend or protect themselves.

Serafini Transportation is in constant contact with the staff of the educational facilities and the children’s parents and caretakers, and the children themselves to ensure that we are providing the safest transportation possible for the children.

Serafini Transportation currently provides the safest, most timely transportation for many Handicapped Children’s Programs & School Districts. We have an established staff of drivers and monitors, office workers, and maintenance personnel who ensure the maximum in safety and the minimum in liability, not only to ourselves, but also to all our contracts.

Serafini Transportation drivers and monitors are fully background checked, are trained in CPR and First Aid, and are certified in New York State driving and monitoring procedures.

Serafini Transportation vehicles are inspected by NYS DOT with a pass rate of over 98%.

Serafini Transportation constructs the routes for the children in such a manner to keep ride times at a minimum.  We contact each parent and schedule each child’s pick-up and drop-off times prior to the start date.

Serafini Transportation guarantees we will provide the very best service we can offer, along with a caring experienced staff.

Taking Pride in Every Child’s Safety

One Bus Stop at a Time